Mining Returns to Philipstown?

To the Editor

I was shocked to learn that a new gravel mine in Philipstown is on the verge of final approval. The 20-plus acre mine is to be located on the forested Western slope of East Mountain on the East side of Route 9, as Fishkill moves South into our town. The rationale? A closer, more convenient, source of gravel and dirt for dirt roads in the town. The result? Philipstown becomes the gravel mining magnet of the Hudson Valley. The consolation for the degradation of a green mountainside? The site will be flattened and remediated so that in 30 years we can have another Glassbury Court.

On a mountain where, to protect the ridge-line, trees cannot be cut down, a gravel mine — with its attendant noise, constant truck traffic 6 days a week, dust, dirt, “treated” waste water runoff into Clove Creek — will be built a few hundred feet further down, within shouting distance of dozens of homes.

How is this happening?

Stan Lovenworth
Cold Spring

2 thoughts on “Mining Returns to Philipstown?

  1. I just discovered that zoning to allow the mine may be a form of “spot zoning,” which is illegal in New York State. Spot zoning refers to the rezoning of a parcel of land to a use category different from the surrounding area, usually to benefit a single owner, and that such rezoning is other than part of a well-considered and comprehensive plan calculated to serve the general welfare of the community. Looking at some of the case law, I would say the rezoning for mining could very well constitute spot zoning. Come voice your opposition to the mining in Town Hall on June 11 at 7:30pm.

  2. The time to complain was before the new zoning was passed there was ample time for all residents issues to be heard.