Three to Run for Two Haldane School Board Spots

By Michael Turton

Three candidates will vie for two trustee seats on the Haldane Board of Education in the May 21 election and budget vote. The deadline for submitting petitions required of candidates was April 22. The three candidates are Gillian Thorpe, Jennifer Daly and Julisa Rincon Tomizawa. Thorpe, who currently serves as School Board vice president, had previously said she would not run but recently reversed her decision.

2 thoughts on “Three to Run for Two Haldane School Board Spots

  1. I am honored to be running for a seat on the Haldane School Board. I believe my unique background as a public school educator, a successful business woman, and a young mother provides me with the skills, the experience, and the passion to contribute to our community. I believe the current school board has done an excellent job handling our present economic challenges and I would love the opportunity to continue their work. I believe we need transparency, creativity and balance from our school board. I believe we must not only look at what we need today, or tomorrow, but several years ahead as well. I believe that doing what is best for our children includes what is best for our community at large, and that means being respectful and prudent with decisions that effect all taxpayers.
    I look forward to continuing this conversation and I hope to be able to serve our community.

  2. I have to say when Jennifer Daly reached out to me to meet and talk I was truly impressed with her “resume.” She is very energetic and quite honestly appears to be quite the go-getter. I know this because when we talked that evening she described to me all the people and places she went to better her understanding of the community and school board trustee. She informed me that she already attended Westchester Putnam School Board Association’s Workshop for Prospective School Board Members. If this is the course I’m thinking of, she already received classes on Roles & Responsibilities, District Operations, Board-Superintendent Relationships, School District Budgets and Myths & Realities. Keep up the good hard work and good luck on May 21.