Winning Kids’ Designs to Become Bookmarks

Butterfield Library announces winners of contest

The winning designs of the Butterfield Library's bookmark contest (Image courtesy of Butterfield Library)

The winning designs

For the month of May, the children of Philipstown were hard at work designing their entries for the Buttefield Library’s annual bookmark contest. The children were asked to draw what they like best about the Butterfield Library.

Head of Library Services Maureen McGrath said the library received over 60 entries, and all were displayed anonymously on Big Truck Day, held Sunday, June 2. Throughout the day, attendees chose their three favorite designs. While most of the entries received one or two votes, the winners clearly stood out with over 20 votes each.

The winners are Sadie Remillard, age 7; Charlotte Dinitz, 8; and Raunaq Kapoor, 8. The winning designs will be reprinted as bookmarks that will be available at the library throughout 2013-14.

One thought on “Winning Kids’ Designs to Become Bookmarks

  1. What beautiful bookmarks. I would certainly love to have one. These children deserve to have their bookmarks published.