West Point Brass and Percussion to Perform on Oct. 27

West Point Brass Section

West Point Brass Section

The West Point Concert Band’s brass and percussion section will present a concert at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 27, at the Cadet Chapel at West Point. The concert is part of the West Point Band’s 2013 chamber series and will explore the concept of glory, both in its militaristic and religious settings. This concert is free and open to the public.

The program will explore glory as a unifying theme that connects both the story of our nation’s military and the religious venue of the performance. Selections include “Gloria” from Bernstein’s Mass, In a Cause Called Glorious by Stephen Melillo, Civil War Fantasy by Jerry Bilik, Vespers of the Blessed Virgin by Monteverdi, and music from the film Glory by Academy Award winning composer James Horner.

Individual performers within the ensemble will be featured on a number of pieces for solo instruments and small ensembles, displaying the talents and versatility of the West Point Band’s brass and percussion. Visit westpointband.com for schedule updates and information.

One thought on “West Point Brass and Percussion to Perform on Oct. 27

  1. I was present at the concert on Sunday, Oct. 27. I loved the performance and wondered if there was a recording made in a DVD. I would very much like to purchase one if available. The voice of Staff Sgt. Alexis Cole was beautiful and haunting at the end. The band members are both talented and skilled in their performance. I marveled at the way they moved around without a sound as certain pieces were played. It sounded like a score of a movie. My congratulations to all.