Medical Examiner Says Man Found Dead Near Breakneck Took Own Life

Identification provided on victim

By Liz Schevtchuk Armstrong

Dutchess County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Dennis J. Chute said Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 3) that the man found dead in a parking area along Route 9D near the Breakneck tunnel in late January killed himself.

Chute, who performed the autopsy, told Paper that the individual had died, in a suicide, of a shotgun wound to the head, now listed as the official cause of death. He identified the man as Thomas Galvin but could not provide a place of residency. Chute had no other details to relate.

Discovery of Galvin’s body by a member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority police force on Jan. 23 prompted a quick response by law enforcement personnel from several jurisdictions. A Cold Spring resident driving by at the time noticed a car, with the victim apparently still inside and the windshield partly screened from view, surrounded by numerous investigators.

Pursuit of the case fell to the Town of Fishkill police department and Chute’s office, since the incident site is just within Dutchess County and the Town of Fishkill, not far from the border with Philipstown and Putnam County.

Searches of the Internet and local tax rolls turn up numerous men throughout the country with the name “Thomas Galvin,” including at least one in New York state, but none with any apparent connections to Philipstown, Fishkill, or Putnam or Dutchess counties.

2 thoughts on “Medical Examiner Says Man Found Dead Near Breakneck Took Own Life

  1. My condolences to his family. I am the Thomas Galvin who lived on Rock Street in Cold Spring. I just wanted let my friends know that I am okay.

    • Glad to hear you are okay! I worked with you as a middle schooler one summer back in the early 1980s cleaning and painting Haldane High School. You were always so nice and patient with our lack of “skills.” It was one of the best summer jobs I ever had.