Needed: Input from Main Street

Meeting on Aug. 30 at Cold Spring firehouse

Putnam County has hired a consulting firm to assess nine commercial corridors. It hopes to collect input from the owners of businesses on Main Street in Cold Spring and Nelsonville at a meeting at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 30, at the Cold Spring firehouse.

2 thoughts on “Needed: Input from Main Street

  1. I have been giving my input to Putnam County for many years and I can honestly say that none of them give a damn about us — “us” being the taxpayers and other stakeholders. We are paying for a tourism agency, an Economic Development Agency, a planning department and assorted other multimillion dollar bureaucracies.

    I have written letters, appeared before the legislature and the committees, tried to work with the various agencies, spoken to our legislators, to no avail. The only time they even pretend to listen is when they’re up for re-election and then they promise the moon.

    Most of the people I’ve met who are well paid for their make-believe jobs, are not able to comprehend what the average small business owner has to go through to make a living in this County. They do not recognize that they have a duty and an obligation to we the people who support them.

    I really want to know (and maybe someone from The Current can find out) just how much are the latest batch of consultants costing us?

    I will go to this meeting on Wednesday. Call it the triumph of hope over experience.

  2. I went to the meeting, which was surprisingly well attended, and I thought it was a positive event, all things considered. Given the level of interest by the local merchants and the community, I think that the Pattern people should have let it go on for more than one hour. There were many excellent comments and points made that should have been allowed further discussion. It was interesting to see the newer, younger generation of storekeepers and what their take was, but I will defer further comments till I see what the reporters have to say.