First Seastreak to Arrive Oct. 6

Cruises will continue into November

Seastreak, which runs cruise boats from Manhattan and New Jersey to Cold Spring, will arrive for the first time this fall on Oct. 6 and continue their weekend runs through Nov. 3. The ships will arrive in the village at 11 a.m. and leave at 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Seastreak passengers disembark at Cold Spring during a day trip in 2015 (File photo by Michael Turton)

The firm has a new, larger ship that can hold as many as 600 passengers but will run only one per day, rather than two, according to the Cold Spring Area Chamber of Commerce.

“The arrival of up to 600 visitors on Main Street at one time will put a strain on restaurants, shops and public facilities,”  Chamber officials said in a statement, adding that they were “working with the village and the marketing staff of Seastreak to ensure the most positive experience for Seastreak visitors and to help businesses serve them.”

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  1. There goes a nice quiet Sunday in Cold Spring. It was such a lovely little town, but maybe your rents will get human?