Letter: Who Did the Right Thing?

This is a tale of two towns in Putnam County. The first town is Philipstown. The longtime Republican town clerk is running for re-election. It was well known in the town that she has been battling cancer. This dedicated woman would come to work even after receiving chemotherapy treatments. She would take as little time off as she could and remained dedicated to the town and her duties. The Democrats have decided to put up a young lady to challenge this town clerk.

The second town is Putnam Valley. The Democratic town clerk has experienced the heartbreak of her husband’s devastating illness. The Republican Party in Putnam Valley chose not to run anyone against her. Not only did they not run anyone against her, but they decided to endorse her. Unfortunately, after nominations were completed, this town clerk’s husband passed away.

My question is: “Who did the right thing?”

Anthony Scannapieco Jr., Carmel

Scannapieco is chair of the Putnam County Republican Committee and one of the county’s two election commissioners.

One thought on “Letter: Who Did the Right Thing?

  1. It is wonderful to live in a town like Philipstown where people show caring toward each other during difficult times, and while I do not know our current town clerk personally, I hope she recovers soon and completely. If I did know her personally, I would send over a casserole, or visit with her, or give her a ride to the doctor. But I do not owe her my vote, and I do not owe her an elected administrative position helping to run the government of my town. As long as Philipstown Town Clerk is an important elected position (rather than a civil service job), then it is our responsibility to find the candidates most qualified for that role; our personal affiliations and affections for must be irrelevant when it comes to choosing the most effective individual to take on an elected role.