The Current reported on Dec. 20 that the Dutchess County DMV offices, including in Beacon, will no longer process license applications from out-of-county residents, such as those from Philipstown. Is this restriction still in place? Does it apply to renewals?

Steven Gazzola, Philipstown

County Clerk Brad Kendall said the restrictions were necessary because a newly enacted state law that allows people to obtain driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status “inundated” Dutchess DMV offices. It applies to anyone using Form MV-44, which is the application for new, revised, updated and replacement licenses, driver’s permits and non-driver identification cards, although many transactions can be completed at “We continue to process registration transactions, insurance-related transactions, plate surrenders, enforcement transactions, title transactions, driver responsibility payments and civil penalties and other miscellaneous transactions for all customers,” Kendall wrote in an email. “I will continue to analyze the workflow and look forward to the time when we can lift the restriction.”

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2 replies on “Letter: DMV Restrictions”

  1. The state DMV should declare all licenses, registrations and other documents issued by the Dutchess County DMV offices to be null and void. All Dutchess county businesses and services should be boycotted and businesses outside of Dutchess County should refuse to serve or do business with Dutchess County residents.

  2. I could be wrong, but I think state employees are not permitted to strike. The Dutchess County DMV’s unwillingness to process the ID applications from non-Dutchess residents is tantamount to a strike. The state should step in and demand Dutchess County DMV handle all state residents equally.

    The state knew these new IDs were coming down the pike long ago and they should have prepared accordingly. Perhaps they should authorize some other facilities to handle the ID apps – libraries, post offices, municipal offices, police offices. This is causing a tremendous hardship for many folks, the elderly most especially who do not drive. In addition to not being able to board planes, a minor inconvenience for many, without a valid ID, you cannot open a bank account. Want to move some money from a non-interest bearing checking account into a CD at another bank? You can’t unless you have a valid (non-expired) ID. I know, we tried! I have already called Sue Serino’s office. I intend to call all the other reps for this area as well. I am hoping other people will do the same and that The Current will continue to keep this situation in the public’s eye.

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