Governor Proposes Bridge Changes

Bear Mountain Bridge

The Bear Mountain Bridge (Photo by Larry Fitzpatrick)

Says Hudson Valley authority should merge with state agency

Gov. Andrew Cuomo last month proposed that the New York Bridge Authority, which owns six Hudson Valley bridges, including Bear Mountain, Newburgh-Beacon and Walkway Over the Hudson, should be absorbed by the New York State Thruway Authority.

The New York Bridge Authority maintains the five vehicular bridges with $60 million in annual proceeds from tolls. Cuomo says a consolidation would reduce costs. If the proposal went through, the Thruway Authority board would add an eighth member to represent the Hudson Valley.

The five-member Bridge Authority board in December approved gradually raising the $1.25 EZPass and $1.50 cash toll on its bridges over the next three years until they reach $1.65 and $2.15. A public hearing is scheduled for March 9 at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel.

Jonathan Jacobson, whose district in the state Assembly includes Beacon, said in a statement that he opposed any merger, calling the Thruway Authority “notoriously troubled” while the Bridge Authority is “highly regarded for its efficiencies.”

3 thoughts on “Governor Proposes Bridge Changes

  1. Just another way for the fuhrer to bleed money from the good people from upstate. I guarantee that tolls will rise if he gets his way. Meanwhile, the roads and bridges are crumbling. Cuomo has done nothing for the people of upstate. All he does is raise taxes and create fees, since he has the majority in the Legislature, the sky is the limit on guns, bail reform. He wasted millions trying to turn Binghamton into Hollywood East. The only way New York will get back to the great state I knew is to vote Cuomo out, but the biggest bloc in the state are in his pocket. Corruption at its finest. Until they don’t like him, we’re screwed.

  2. This is just so typical of New York State’s methods of destruction. If it works, break it and simply charge more. Don’t take a boot off of our necks until we are squeezed out of every last coin in the pocket. Coins? No longer! Large greenbacks!

    How many give thought to where all of those outrageous toll monies go? How about all of New York State’s gasoline tax — where does it really go? Our roads are like driving through a minefield. At night there are roads where white lines are so invisible, keeping the car on the pavement becomes difficult. If anyone remembers or even cares, the George Washington Bridge in 1975 was destined to be 100 percent paid off and only a quarter per passage needed for maintenance. Really? If the roads are not being handled, where does that money go? What does those scads of money purchase?

  3. There is no constructive reason for this but to plunder the coffers of a very successful, professional, top-rated, self-sufficient, fiscally responsible Authority that provides decent-paying jobs to our community members. [via Facebook]