Voter Dies Waiting for Polls to Open

Apparently first in line at Methodist church

A Cold Spring resident died on Tuesday (Nov. 3) while waiting outside the United Methodist Church on Main Street for the polls to open, according to the Cold Spring Police Department.

Richard Lucchesi, 68, of 14 Parrott St., was apparently waiting alone outside the church at 5 a.m. for the polls to open about an hour later. According to the CSPD, a poll worker heard a noise, opened the door and found Lucchesi on the ground.

Poll workers called 911 and a paramedic pronounced Lucchesi dead at the scene, according to police. A funeral service is scheduled for Sunday (Nov. 8).

2 thoughts on “Voter Dies Waiting for Polls to Open

  1. When things settle down, I plan to work on a committee with one of our senators to work toward voter reform. I feel that the current process needs to be improved and that mechanisms to improve access for the disabled and elderly definitely need to be implemented.

  2. How dare you report the address of the deceased. If the house is burglarized, I hope the family sues you.