Our Annual Poetry Readings Have Begun!

Residents share favorites during National Poetry Month

For National Poetry Month in April, the Desmond-Fish Public Library and The Current revived One Poem a Day Won’t Kill You, a concept borrowed from KRBD Radio in Ketchikan, Alaska, and organized by Mary Anne Myers in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Each day a new poem, read by a resident of the Highlands, will be posted at SoundCloud, as well as Spotify, Google Play and iTunes, or you can listen below.

May 1: “I’d Finally Got It All Together,” by Judith Voirst
Read by Shasta Crombie

April 30: “Us Two,” by AA Milne
Read by Katherine Merry

April 29: “To The Stone-Cutters,” by Robinson Jeffers
Read by Todd Holmbo

April 28: “Of Mere Being,” by Wallace Stevens
Read by Ellyn Varela-Burstein

April 27: “The Elephant,” by Dantika
Read by Irene O’Garden

April 26: “A Blessing,” by James Wright
Read by Nicholas Dedring

April 25: “Good Bones,” by Maggie Smith
Read by Karen Shea

April 24: “Magic,” by Shel Silverstein
Read by Edie Giunta

April 23: Sonnet 130, by William Shakespeare
Read by Katie Colbert

April 22: “The Lady with the Alligator Purse”
Read by Matilda Hoffman

April 21: Two Poems by Henia and Ilona Karmel
Read by Ryan Biracree

April 20: “Today,” by Billy Collins
Read by Nancy Young

April 19: “Valentine for Ernest Mann,” by Naomi Shihab Nye
Read by Jillian Buckley

April 18: “The Tyger,” by William Blake
Read by Joseph Carmicino

April 17: “Emptying Town,” by Nick Flynn
Read by Sarah Crow

April 16: “Hello, Hello Henry,” by Maxine Kumin
Read by Margaret Vetare

April 15: “Listen,” by Barbara Crooker
Read by Kathy Curto

April 14: “Somebody’s Mother,” by Mabel Down Northam Brine
Read by Lucille Merry

April 13: “King of the River,” by Stanley Kunitz
Read by Sean Singer

April 12: “Dear Poet, Notes To A Young Writer,” by Charles Ghigna
Read by Raven Howell

April 11: “Oh Have You Heard,” by Shel Silverstein
Read by Justice McCray

April 10: “Sonnet XIX” from In Time Of War, by WH Auden
Read by Anita Prentice

April 9: “The Folly Of Being Comforted,” by WB Yeats
Read by Alan Vardy

April 8: “A Miracle For Breakfast,” by Elizabeth Bishop
Read by Lindy Labriola

April 7: “The Trees,” by Philip Larkin
Read by Heidi Bender

April 6: “The Meehoo With An Exactlywatt,” by Shel Silverstein
Read by Elias Zaklad

April 5: “One Day He’s Gonna Cook Me A Meal,” by Ann Ziety
Read by Sue Bevan

April 4: “Duino Elegies 8,” by Rainer Maria Rilke
Read by Edwin Torres

April 3: “Everything Happens,” from Bandstand
Read by Joann Brown

April 2: “O Where Are You Going?,” by WH Auden
Read by Matt Clifton

April 1: “Blake Leads A Walk On The Milky Way,” by Nancy Willard
Read by Jen McCreery

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