Contributions to federal candidates in 2020

In February we shared tables showing how much each federal candidate for elected office had received from local donors in 2019, as compiled by the Federal Election Commission ( The chart below provides the same figures for 2020.

Individuals may give up to $2,800 per federal candidate per election (primary and general), as well as annual contributions of up to $5,000 to political action committees (PACS), $10,000 to state party committees and $35,500 to national party committees. (So-called “Super PACs” can accept unlimited money.)

Our chart includes candidates and committees  that received at least $75 in donations from Highlands residents. The number of donors is in parentheses following each total. Money given to PACS that support specific candidates is included in the totals for that candidate.

The National Institute on Money in Politics ( tracks which groups and individuals give to candidates for state and federal offices. The top donors for elected officials and candidates in the Highlands are:

Sue Serino (R), NYS Senate, Highlands, 4 campaigns

01. NYS Senate Republican Campaign Committee $1.2 million
02. American Federation of State County & Municipal Employees $31,300
03. Cathy Young Campaign Committee (NY Senate 57) $21,000
04. Civil Service Employees Association $18,580
05. Real Estate Board of New York $16,250
06. Rent Stabilization Association of New York $14,250
07. Peckham Industries (Construction, White Plains) $13,500
08. NYS Association of Realtors $13,150
09. Friends of Betty Little (NY Senate 45) $12,800
10. Citizens to Elect John Bonacic (NY Senate 42) $12,500
11. Housing New York (landlords) $12,500
12. Majed Nesheiwat (CEO, Gas Land Petroleum) $12,250
13. Uniformed Firefighters of Greater New York $11,300
14. Healthcare Association of NYS $11,250
15. Empire State Association of Assisted Living $11,150
16. Time Warner Cable $11,000
17. Hotel & Motel Trades Council NY $11,000
18. Hotel Restaurant Club Employees & Bartenders $11,000
19. Daniel Loeb (billionaire hedge fund founder) $11,000

Karen Smythe (D), NYS Senate, Highlands (challenger), 2 campaigns

01. NYS Democratic Senate Campaign Committee $193,172
02. Karen Smythe $183,581
03. NYS Democratic Party $26,000
04. Mason Tenders District Council of Greater NY $22,000
05. Michael Dupree (Hyde Park) $16,000
06. Dutchess Democratic Women’s Caucus $12,000
07. New York State United Teachers $11,000
08. Communications Workers New Jersey District 1 $11,000
09. Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee $11,000
10. Andrew M. Cuomo Campaign Committee $11,000
11. Michael Fleischer (Hyde Park) $11,000
12. Elizabeth Gilmore (Ancramdale) $11,000

Jonathan Jacobson (D), NYS Assembly, Beacon (2020 campaign)

01. Jonathan Jacobson $25,000
02. Committee to Elect Jonathan Jacobson $3,632
03. 1199SEIU United Health Care Workers $2,000
04. New York State Laborers Local 17 $1,000
05. Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 373 $1,000
06. Andrew S. Roffe (attorney, lobbyist) $1,000

Andrew Gauzza (R), NYS Assembly, Beacon (challenger) (2020)

01. Andrew E. Gauzza $10,001

Sandy Galef (D), NYS Assembly, Philipstown (2020 campaign)

01. 1199SEIU United Health Care Workers $10,500
02. Steven and Sandy Galef $8,784
03. NYS Association of Realtors $7,953
04. Marie Carpentier (Ossining) $6,200
05. Manhattan Beer Distributors $6,000
06. Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee $5,500
07. Medical Society of the State of New York $5,150
08. David Swope (Ossining) $5,000
09. John P. Curran (health care investor, Ossining) $4,250
10. New York State United Teachers $3,500
11. PMHC Realty Corp. (Sleepy Hollow) $3,500

Lawrence Chiulli (R), NYS Assembly, Philipstown (challenger) (2020)

No funds reported raised

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D), District 18, 7 campaigns

01. Sean Patrick Maloney Campaign Committee $2.45 million
02. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $102,418
03. Jon L. Stryker (NYC/Garrison, philanthropist) $97,600
04. Peter B. Lewis (Progressive Insurance, philanthropist) $60,200
05. Ameripac / The Fund for a Greater America $55,000
06. Tim E. Gill (software developer, philanthropist) $52,500
07. JOE Pac (Jobs Opportunities & Education) $51,770
08. Jonathan Lewis (venture capitalist, son of Peter) $50,000
09. David Bohnett (tech entrepreneur, philanthropist) $50,000
10. Adam J. Lewis (environmentalist, son of Peter) $50,000
11. New Democrat Coalition $48,000
12. Suzanne Halloran (Armonk) $47,500
13. Harold Fetner (Fetner Properties) $45,200
14. United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners $45,000

According to, which also tracks campaign finance, large individual contributions made up 59 percent of Maloney’s contributions, PACs account for 23 percent, and donations of $200 or less are 13 percent.

Chele Farley (R), District 18, challenger, 2 campaigns*

01. Chele Farley $291,848
02. New York Republican Federal Campaign Committee $20,000
03-21. 19 individuals each gave $10,000 to $11,000 each
23. Congressional Majority Committee $10,000
24. Value in Electing Women PAC $10,000
25. Elise for Congress [Rep. Elise Stefanik, NY-21] $10,000

*Farley challenged Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in 2018.

According to, large individual contributions made up 68 percent of Farley’s contributions, PACs account for 11 percent, and donations of $200 or less are 12 percent.

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The original version of this post said that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had given Sean Patrick Maloney a total of $1.18 million for his campaigns. In fact, it has given him a total of $102,418. This has been corrected.

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  1. Just curious why the breakdown is between Philipstown and Garrison. Does Philipstown for this purpose include only the part of Philipstown that is not in the 10524 (Garrison) zip code?

    1. Correct. We sorted the data by ZIP code, so Philipstown is the Village of Cold Spring and part of Philipstown (10516) and Garrison is Garrison (10524).

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