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■ We invite comments and complaints from readers about our coverage, suggestions for issues and events to cover or sources to consult, and participation in discussions we organize. You can reach Editor Chip Rowe at:

■ Our journalists make every effort to engage with the community to understand better its concerns, help choose which issues to cover, identify diverse sources for reporting, increase the trust in our journalism and help our coverage reach a broader audience.

■ We welcome letters to the editor on our coverage and local issues. Submissions are selected by the editor to provide a variety of opinions and voices, and all are subject to editing for accuracy, clarity and length.

■ The writer’s full name; town, village or city; and email or phone number should be included with any letter for verification purposes, but only the writer’s full name and town, village or city will be published.

■ We do not publish anonymous letters or comments, including those signed with only first names, first initials and last names, or submitted under pseudonyms.

■ We review every comment before it is posted on our site. As with letters, we correct grammar and spelling and may make other changes for clarity and accuracy.

■ We do not publish personal attacks or profanity in letters or the comments on our site or social media accounts. In addition, social media comments that misrepresent our reporting or spread misinformation will be deleted. If a commentator is persistently abusive, we will ban him or her from our social network(s), although this is uncommon.

■ Comments posted on our website or social media accounts may appear in print. Select comments posted to our social media platforms also may be re-posted on our website but where they first appeared will be indicated.

■ We will print letters endorsing candidates up to and including the weekly issue before an election. However, we will refrain from printing letters that make charges about an opponent, because the opponent will not be able to respond in print. These letters and comments may be posted online, however.