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Friends ($24 to $119)

Anonymous (71)
Genie Abrams
Lori Adams
Harold E. Akselrad
John and Susan Allen
Kevin Allison
Amanda Amadei
Tammy and Michel Amsalem
Jan and Ron Anderson
Steve and Vasso Anderson
Raymond Andrews
Hanay and Nick Angell
Dwight Arthur
Johanna and Joey Asher
Naomi Baat-Canaan
Ballet Arts Studio
Patricia Barber
Kathleen Barnes
Gary Barrack
Mary Bates
Dr. Joanna Batstone Suits
Beacon Elks Lodge
Mrs. John Beck
A.R. Becker
Andrew Bell
Charles Benichoux
John and Tam Benjamin
Sharona Berken
Deborah Bigelow
Royd Bjornoy and Joy Plaisted
Christine Bokhour
Patricia Boltin
Christopher H. Bopp
Ann Borthwick and Richard Cogliandro
Janice Bortree
Robert Boryk
Luis Braga
Sarah Brechbill
Jay Brenner
Chris and Babette Brown
Will and Emily Brown
Alan and Patty Brownstein
Ginny Buechele
Greg and Jan Buhler
Team Burke-Smith
Richard Butensky and Judy Cohen
Helen Butler / Jennifer Howse
Butterfield Memorial Library
Marilyn and Gary Caliendo
Peter and Martha Callaway
Joe and Anne Carbone
Abbie Carey
Linda Cavanaugh
Caitlin and Walter Chadwick
Maureen and John Clancy
Jen Clapp and Dan Fisherman
Chuck and Michelle Clifton
Emily and Matt Clifton
Lauri Cohen and Manuel Molina
Adrian Coman
Gabrielle Conway
Pamela Cook and Erik Brown
Kay and Frank Corkrum
Valerie Cortalano
The Country Goose
Carla D’Orchimont
Caroline Danford
John Danzer
Deb Davidovits
Ron and Barbara DeSilva
Deborah Dichter
Dan and Cathy Dillon
Ellen Dinerman
Jan Dolan
Matt and Linda Donachie
Sheila and Daniel Donnelly
Alice Dreger
Ben Drew
Imogene Drummond
Kathleen Duffett
Amy and Mitch Dul
Sara Dulaney
Marie Early
Zachary Edelson
Ruth and David D. Eisenhower
Julianne Endler
Priscilla and John Eng-Wong-Angelo
Gale Epstein
Diane Erb
Dorothy Estabrooke
Julia Famularo
Ann Fanizzi
Deirdre Farabaugh
Will and Kate Felder
Wilma Feliciano, Ph.D.
J Fellegara and M Smotzer
Steve Feyl and Sarah Burns Feyl
Del and Claudia Fidanque
Annette and Robert Flaherty
Irmela Florig-Rowland
Janine Flory
Jessica Fontaine
Carl and Denise Frisenda
Sarah From and Rusty Stahl
Laney Gahagan
Sandy Galef
Mark Galezo
Paul Gallay and Tracey Jordan
James and Carol Geist
Margy Leahey Gerber
Susie Giannoni
Suzie Gilbert
Sophie Gilden
Dottie Gilman
Cara and Bob Ginder
Nancy and Mark Giordano
Carla Giuffrida
Peter and Corinne Giunta
The Glauda Family
Jinny and Robert Goff
Barry and Chris Goggin
Bennett Goldberg
Simone Goldenberg
Donna Green
Danielle Greenberg
Michael Guillorn and Megan Shea
Susan Gunther
Margot and Phil Haber
Habitat Revival
Josh and Jackie Hadden
Hilary Hart and Stephen Dodeman
Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi
Ryan Hayward and Linnea
Wilson Hayward
Libby Healy
Bryan Hickey and Corinne Chateau
Steven Higashide
Janice Hogan
The Holmbo Family
Nancy Hull
Sue Infante
Rose Inman and Steven Garfinkle
Lillian Jagendorf and Dan Shannon
Victoria and Robert Jauernig
Josephine Johnston
Flora Jones
Ann and Robert Kacur
Anne Kane
Paul Kantor
Karen and Dinesh Kapoor
Eddie and Nancy Karp
Beverly and Richard Kelly
Alyk Kenlan
Grace Kennedy
Roger and Deborah Keppel
Ethan Kerr and Stephanie Diamond
Lisa and Vincent King
John Kinnaird
John Kyle Kiphart
Karen Kish
JoAnn and Ed Kitlas
Trevor Knight
Alice Krakauer
Ellen Kuehsel
Judith Kurz and David Foster
Arthur and Stacy Labriola
Jessica Ladlee
Nancy Lancia
Curt and Diane Landtroop
Helen Lang
The Lange/Balogh Family
Diane and Peter Lapis
Larry Lebow
Elaine Leinung
Martina Leonard
Barbara and Guy Lester
Peter Lewis and Shelley Boris
Cynthia Ligenza, MD
Catherine Lim
David Limburg
Vivian Linares
Clay Liversidge
Carolyn and Dave Llewellyn
Denise Loatman-Owens
Sanne Lutley
John and Andrea Maasik
Donald MacDonald
Paul and Roberta MacLean
Sascha Mallon
Jo Mango
Glenn Marcus
Jed Marshall and Andrea Moreau
Michal Mart
Karen Maschke
Linda and John Matthews
Karen Mayer
John and Renée McCann
Courtney and Gerard McCarthy
Steve McCorkle
McCormick Family
Jen McCreery
Margaret McDuffie
Peter McFadden
Brian McNicholl
Mary McTamaney
The Means Family
Michael Mell and Kate Dayton
Steve Miccio
Karen Michel
Jeff Mikkelson
Leah Milcarek
Brett Miller
Patrick and Joan Miskell
Virginia Morgese
Brett Moses and Elin Lundman
Diana Mueller
Trisha Mulligan
Joanne Murphy
Suzanne Murray
Paulette Myers-Rich and David Rich
Dr. Frederick Nagel and Mr. Colin Wright
Ben Neill
Suellen Nelson
Joe Neville and Joan Ehrenberg
The Newman Family
Tim Nolan and Dana Poplees
Frederick Norgaard
Chantelle Norton
Paul and Helen Nuccitelli
E. O’Hare
Liz Oliver
Anne and Fred Osborn III
Lithgow Osborne and Chuck Burleigh
Ilene Osinski
Dina Pace Shackelford
Charlotte Palmer-Lane and John Lane
Eri Panasci
Josh Parker
Sara Pasti
Linda Patterson
John Pavlik
Julie Pearson
Dove Pedlosky
Carolyn Peters
Wynne Phillips
The Pieza Family
Play Toy Store
Prue Posner
Anne Pratt
Anita and Nat Prentice
JC and Diana Prinzo
John and Paula Provet
Putnam History Museum
Roger Rahtz and Laura Rubinstein
Samantha Rathe
Michael Reisman
William and Mary Rice
Dianne Richey and Richard Weissbrod
Ronald Richley
Ernie Rideout
Michelle Rivas
Ed Robinson
Zach Rodgers
Carol and Fred Roesslein
Nathan Rosborough
Tara Roscoe and Tom Cassel
Andrew and Vivian Rose
Chris Rosen
Lillian Rosengarten
Roy Rosenstein
Mary Roth
David Rothenberg and Jaanika Peerna
Chuck and Sally Rowe
Chris and Jerry Rubino
Sharon Rubinstein
Betty Russell
Arne and Mary Saari
Lisa Sabin
John Sadlon and Sven Wenske
Safa/Roeder Family
Ajay Salhotra
Heath and Hannah Salit
Pete Salmansohn
Wendy and Alister Sanderson
Alexander Saunders, Jr.
Jay Saunders and Betsey Nevins
Kathleen Scanlon
Kent and Courtney Schacht
Mary Ann Schetter
Peter Schlemowitz
Diane and Rob Schneiderman
Patricia Schories and Harry Bolick
Anne Schultz
Pam Scott
Aaron Seymour
Olivia Seymour
Mahmoud Shahbodaghi
Eamon and Beth Shanahan
Roberta Shayo and Joseph Barbaro
Richard Shea
James Shearwood
Donna Shelley-Baumler
Toby Shimin
Julie Shiroishi
Sara and Tommy Silbiger
RitaSue Siegel and Dardo Lucero
Kwan-Ngee Sharon Sim
Suzette Simmons
Linda and Tom Simms
Christopher and Lisa Sjoholm
Barry and Kathy Skura
Karen Smythe
Jane and Ron Soodalter
Staff at Split Rock Books
Alison and Brent Spodek
Catherine Stankowski
Jean Stanulwich
Rick Steinberg
Henry and Adele Stern
Susan Stewart
Roger and Rose Story
Daniel Strol and Jenny Evans
Juliet and Dan Strong-Vatsky
Linda Sweet
Anne Symmes and Stephen Ives
Maryann and Richard Syrek
Dr. Linda Tafapolsky
Sam Tallerico, Cold Spring Radio
Bidu Tashjian
Sarah Terrell
Tony Thesing and Larissa Miller
Robin Thomas
Rick and Sheila Thurston
Rebekah and Jeffrey Tighe
Jane and Ethan Timm
Lucille Tortora
Mary Townsend
Joan and Henry Turner
John and Karen Twohig
Carol and Bruce Unger
Roberta Upshaw
Sarah Uzelac and Sam Anderson
Gloria Van Tassel
Margaret Vetare
Toni Vitale
Camilla W. von Bergen
Felix and Michelle Von Salmon
Melissa Vuernick
David Wagner
Miriam and Eric Wagner
Sue Waivada
Elani Walden
Kim Waldhauer
Susan Wallach
David Wallick
Sarah and Stephen Wallis
Judith and Jeremy Walsh
Gayle Watkins and Andy Chmar
Mary Ann Weber
The Weiland Family
Lisa and Michael Weingarten
Jack and Linda Weinstein
Mark and Jane Weiss
Nat and Mel Welch
Roberta West
Nance Williamson and Kurt Rhoads
Julie Winterbottom
Paul and Julia Wynn
Daniel Yalisove and Valentina Rybakova
Jeffrey Yang
Adam Yarinsky and Amy Weisser
Dale and Rafael Zaklad
Al and Candy Zgolinski
Marie Zipprich-Gupte

Partners ($120 – $599)

Anonymous (41)
Rob Abbot and Claire Cifaloglio
John Aerni
Judy and John Allen
Steven Altarescu
Jason Angell and Jocelyn Apicello
Alison Anthoine
Susan Atkins and Eben Shapiro
Sarah and Doug Banker
Susan Bargman and Lee Warshavsky
Francesca Beghe and Ben Green
Darron Berquist
Sarah Berry Tschinkel
Alexa Bishop
Jean Blair
Neil Bloch
Amy Bogroff
Sarah and Stowe Boyd
Lauren and Bob Bresnan
Lynn Brown
Bernard and Tracy Bunye
Bill Burback and Peter Hofmann
Peter Bynum
Kati and Tom Byrne
Livea and Carl Byrne
Cathy Carnevale
Stacy Christensen
Peggy Clements and Chris Duffy
Jack and Ilene Cohen
M. G. Collins
Bob and Ann Conboy
Justin and Jess Conway
Peter Conway and Diana Polack
Mary McCaffrey Costantin
Ralph Cottiers
Jack and Ellen Counihan
Jeremy Crandall
Dr. Helen Crohn
Jane M. Cronin
Jeffrey Cronin
John Cutler
Robert Cutler
Sean Dague
Kathleen and Donal Daly
Howard and Randi Davis
Raquel Bicalho de Azevedo
Deb’s Hair Design
Gerry Dempsey and Ann Marie Carley
Tim and Cathleen Donovan
Pat and Marion Dugan
Gretchen Dykstra
Edith Ehrlich
Lori and Jim Ely, Riverview Restaurant
Michael Emerson
David and Maeve Eng-Wong
Eric Erickson
Joel Erickson
Cory Ethridge
Rachel Evans
Holly Evarts
Barbara Farber
Katie and Michael Feder
Henry and Nadine Feldman
Billy and Galelyn Fields
Carol and Kenneth Filmanski
Jim Finnigan
Mr. and Mrs. James Fitzgerald
Kevin Foley and Mary Anne Myers
Chris Ford
Krystal and Darien Ford
Marcia Frahman
Jay Francis and Elizabeth Bradford
Susan Freeman
Aaron Freimark and Sandy McKelvey
Ginger From
Mark Fuerst
Janet Gain
Kyoko and David Gelber
Bruce Geller
Stacey Gibson
George Gilmartin and Suguru Miyagi
Joe and Carson Gleberman
Jack Goldstein
Janet Goodman
David and Maggie Gordon
Cali and Roger Gorevic
Amber Grant
Jacqueline Grant and Chris Nowak
Maia Guest and John Plummer
Sarah Gurland
John G. Hagedorn
Robert and Marian Haight
John Haines and Margaret Yonco-Haines
Gail Greet Hannah
William Lockridge Harris and Jo Anne Simon
Matthew Hart
John Hedlund
Phil Heffernan
William E. Hellerstein
Ann Herington
Michele Hilmes and Bruce Croushore
Elizabeth Hires
Kristen Holt-Browning and Sam Browning
Jan Hopkins
Hudson Design
Hudson River Line Realty
Bob and Anita Jacobson
Peggy and Todd Janus
Dean Johnston and Mary Jo Mullan
Paula Susan Jordan
Robert and Madeline Julian
Monika Kaminski
Delmar and Irene Karlen
Deborah Kaye
Rian Keating
Shannon Keegan
Randi Keim
Heidi Kitlas and Jeff Simms
Marit and Lars Kulleseid
Lee Kyriacou and Elizabeth Barrett
Linda Lange and Rich Franco
Robert K. Lanier
Emily and George Lansbury
Alan and Glenn Lebwohl-Steiner
Nancy Leo
Frances Levenson
Buster Levi
John Lichtenstein
Cathy and David Lilburne
Leonard W. Lindros Jr.
Judy and George Lowry
Sue Mac Lean
Bernice MacDonald
Kelly Maloney
Peter Maloney and Kristin Griffith
Anna & J Marcus
Carol Marquand and Stanley Freilich
Katie Hellmuth Martin
Claudio Marzollo
Alice Matthews and Perrin Ferris
Doris and David May
Matthew Maye and Lynn Freehill-Maye
Davis McCallum
Damian and Nanci McDonald
Ed McGowan and Panni Gergely
Edie Meeks
Peter and Peg Meisler
Anthony Merante and Dr. Lynda Ann Ewen
Friedrike Merck
Marie M. Merzon
Melissa Meyers and Wilbur Foster
The Minkin-Mennes Family
Joseph Montuori
Peg Moran and Jim Bopp
Juliet Moser
Dan and Mary Mullan Fund of the Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley
Kay Murray and Ben Yarmolinsky
Sherrie and Nikolai Nachamkin
Deborah Needleman and Jacob Weisberg
Debbie Neff
Belle and Blake Newton
David J. North
Florence Northcutt
Leslie Nowinski and Joe Perry
Irene O’Garden and John Pielmeier
The O’Leary Family
Dennis O’Toole
Jay and Marilyn Palefsky
The Pattersons
Lynn Peebles
Brad Petrie and Gayle Hamilton
Penelope and Xavier Pi-Sunyer
Preston Lawrence Pittman
Janis and Bob Polastre
Elizabeth Poole and James Challenger
Dan and Hildy Potts
Dawn and Jon Pousette-Dart
Ardal Powell
Elias Primoff
David and Ann Provan
Melissa and Thomas Ptácek
Jean Ralson
Scott Ramsey
Margaret Scott, Ben Rauch and Isabel Rauch
Ned and Liz Rauch
Bert Rechtschaffer
Alexandra and Duncan Regan
Laura and Andy Reid
Fran Skennion Reilly
Jill Reynolds and Dan Spitzer
Robert and Sonya Rhodes
Patricia Rinaldi
Jose Romeu and Sidney Babcock
Constancia Romilly
Judith and Stephen Rose
Barry and MJ Ross
Peggy and David Ross
Louise Roug and Matthew Rose
Susan Rutkowski
Sonia Ryzy-Ryski
Leo Sacks
Barbara Santoro
Claire Scalzi
Robin and John Scheuer
Laura Schiller and David Ratner
Mary and Fred Schlitzer
Avril Schofield
Schweizer Family
Hope Scott Rogers
Todd Seekircher / Tom O’Quinn
Placito and Luchrezza Sgro
Chris and Alison Shaw
Mary Shellenberg
Roger Shields
Richard Shindell
Christine Shostack
Gerald Singer
David and Amy Small
Michelle Smith
The Smith Family
Farley and Sara Snow
Annette and Kemal Solakoglu
Mildred Z. Solomon
Christian and Flora Stadler
Susan and Tom Stenovec
Kenneth Stern and Marjorie Slome
Peter Stevenson and Sarah Dunn
Bente Strong
Marianne Sullivan and James Hoch
Carinda Swann
Joni Sweet & JLPV
Bev Taylor
Rachel Jack Thompson
Scott Tillitt
Nell and Ted Timmer
Suzi Tortora, Dancing Dialogue
Shirley Trimble
Alan Vardy and Shasta Crombie
Ellyn Varela-Burstein and Jeff Burstein
Kenneth Vittor and Judith Aisen
Alyssa Volpe
Christina Volz-Bongar
Bao Vuong and Steve Rush
Mary Wang
Gwynne Watkins
Glenn and Gail Watson
Wesley Weissberg and David Goldberg
Heidi Wendel and Joseph Hirsch
Allan Wernick
Shirley Wick
Suzanne Willis
Anne and Thomas Winner
Chris Winward
Craig W. Wolf
Neal and Heather Zuckerman
Gregg and Helen Zuman

Patrons ($600 – $1,199)

Anonymous (1)
Allen Alter and Racine Berkow
Elizabeth P. Anderson and Joseph C. Mahon
Jan and Suzanne Baker
Robert C. Bickford
Dorothy Burke
Joe Dizney
Barbara Eliran and Peter Goetz
Jacqueline Foertsch
Amy Goldberg
Heather and Derrick Hopkins
David Kimelman and Kevin Burke
Frank E. Lucente
Mike Meeropol
Marilyn Minter and William Miller
Victoria Shannon
Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu
Byron and Siew Thye Stinson
Barbara Tierney and Jeff Grocott
Mike Williams
Laura Jean Wilson and Mark Menting
Michael Zipper and Jackie Reich

Guardians ($1,200 or more)

Anonymous (2)
Ralph and Robin Arditi
Marianne and R. Dyke Benjamin
Christine Bockelmann and Floyd Norris
Gwendolyn Bounds
Susan Brune and Chip Loewenson
Christopher Buck and Hara Schwartz
Kim Conner and Nick Groombridge
Natalie Diggins and Oren Michels
David Duffy and Marcelline Thomson
Pepper Evans and Bob Lieber
Stacey Farley and Peter Davoren
Elizabeth and Irvine Flinn
Christine Foertsch and Michael McKee
Priscilla Goldfarb
Kyle Good
Todd Haskell
Mel and Anat Laytner
Clara and Bevis Longstreth
Judy Mogul and Dan Kramer
Kathy and Joe Plummer
Ru and Sheila Rauch/The Lanegate Foundation
Jim Semmelman and Ray Disco
Morgan and Jenn Stebbins
The Upham-Smith Family

Student Journalists Program

Rob Abbot
Allen Alter and Racine Berkow
Celia Baczkowski
Marianne and R. Dyke Benjamin
Christine Bockelmann and Floyd Norris
Wendy DeGiglio
Charles Dunn
Barbara Eliran and Peter Goetz
Jacqueline Foertsch
Priscilla Goldfarb
Kyle Good
Ellen Kirschner
William Lockridge Harris and Jo Anne Simon
Frank E. Lucente
DJ McManus Foundation
Peg Moran and Jim Bopp
Melinda Moyer
Deborah Neff
Irene O’Garden and John Pielmeier
Kathy and Joe Plummer
Virgina Sole-Smith and Dan Upham
Richard and Ann Stanton
Jean Stanulwich
Joan and Henry Turner
Rita White
Laura Jean Wilson and Mark Menting

10th Anniversary Gifts

Darron Berquist
Deborah Bigelow
Gabrielle Conway
David and Maeve Eng-Wong
Kyle Good
Buster Levi
Joe Neville and Joan Ehrenberg
Ernie Rideout
The Smith Family
Jane and Ron Soodalter
Susan and Tom Stenovec
Michael Zipper and Jackie Reich


Google News Initiative
Lostand Foundation, Inc.
The DJ McManus Foundation
The Miami Foundation – Fund for Nonprofit News
The PCLB Foundation