Shop Local, Online

The following merchants in the Highlands have online shopping carts; many are offering free or discounted delivery. Clicking a link will open a new browser window.

Gift Cards

Give and Get Local


Cape Cod Leather (Cold Spring)

Colorant (Beacon)

Kaight (Beacon)

La Mère Clothing + Goods (Beacon)

Last Outpost Store (Beacon)

Live Light Travel Often (Beacon)

Loopy Mango (Beacon)

Lorraine Tyne Bridal (Beacon)

Luxe Optique (Beacon)

Mountain Tops Outfitters (Beacon)

New Form Perspective (Beacon)

Poor George Vintage (Cold Spring)

Reservoir (Beacon)

Swing (Cold Spring)

Arts & Crafts

Beetle and Fred (Beacon)

Fit & Fun Playscapes (Nelsonville)

Morphicism (Beacon)

Supplies for Creative Living (Cold Spring)

Beer & Wine

Artisan Wine (Beacon)

Dennings Point Distillery (Beacon)

More Good (Beacon)


Antipodean (Garrison)

Binnacle Books (Beacon)

Riverside (Nelsonville)

Split Rock (Cold Spring)


Archipelago at Home (Cold Spring)

Batt Florist and Sweets (Beacon)

Beacon Candle Company

Beacon D’Lites

The Blue Olive (Cold Spring)

Burkelman (Cold Spring)

Clutter Art, Toys & Culture (Beacon)

Cold Spring Apothecary

Cold Spring General Store

The Country Goose

The Gift Hut (Cold Spring)

Hudson Beach Glass (Beacon)

Hudson Valley Brewery (Beacon)

Ivy & Elder (Garrison)

Kismet At Caryn’s (Cold Spring)

Knot Too Shabby (Beacon)

Meraki Uniquely Greek (Cold Spring)

Niche Modern Lighting (Beacon)

Other Worldly Waxes (Beacon)

Pink Olive (Cold Spring)

Raven Rose (Beacon)

SallyeAnder Skincare (Beacon)

The Shoppes (Cold Spring)

Solstad House (Beacon)

Spice Revolution (Cold Spring)

Zakka Joy (Beacon)


Jaymark (Philipstown)

King + Curated (Beacon)

Lewis & Pine (Beacon)

Musical Instruments

EzraGuitar (Beacon)

iGuitar Workshop (Nelsonville)

Jakes Main Street Music (Beacon)

Lord of the Strings (Beacon)

Vintage Guitars of Cold Spring

Pet Care

Feed R Us (Beacon)

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