A yearly ritual, unknown to many parents, occurs each spring: formally requesting transportation for students attending schools outside the district. N.Y. State school law requires that a written request be made each year for transportation to a non-public school. Prior to April 1, a parent or legal guardian must submit a request to the school transportation department for the coming school year. The only exception is when families move into the district later than the April 1st deadline, in which case the request may be made within 30-days after establishing residency within the district. The information required is similar for all schools, but each has a specific form that must be obtained directly.
       Area school districts request that parents of students requiring out-of-district transportation for the 2011/12 school year, contact their respective transportation officials. 

Garrison UFD
1100 Route 9D, Garrison, NY 10524
845-424-3689  (Richard Timmons) Fax: 845-424-4733

Haldane CSD
15 Craigside Dr.
Cold Spring, N.Y. 10516
845-265-9254 x 171 (Alisa Travis)

Lakeland CSD
3100 East Main Street
Mohegan Lake, N.Y. 10547
914-528-4445 x 112 (Nancy Murgia)

Highland Falls/Ft. Montgomery CSD (O’Neill H.S.)
PO Box 287
Highland Falls, NY 10928
845-446-9575 x 223 (Andi Broas) Fax 845-446-3321

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