New sand delivered to Tots Park

The sand in the Tots Park sandbox was five years old.  And in sandbox terms, that’s past the use-by date.  Last week-end, after 4 hours of work by 19 local volunteer families, 2 dump-truck loads of new sand was installed. First the Highway Department removed the old sand, then the mulch was fluffed and trash picked up by the Pace, Edelson, Foley/Hedlund, Gaugler, Mooney/Caulfield, Straus, Pouthier, Hutchinson/Cohen, McCoy, Ambrose/Meeropol, Corio, Sullivan, Leva, Philippi, Kapoor, Buslovich, Schadt, O’Sullivan and Butler/Meisner families, in anticipation of the new delivery.       

Nate Lyons of Harold Lyons and Sons provided the sand at cost and the delivery for free on a Sunday, with much gratitude following from all of the Friends of Tots Park, from pint-sized to fully grown.

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