New Sand for Tots Park Sandbox

New sand delivered to Tots Park

The sand in the Tots Park sandbox was five years old.  And in sandbox terms, that’s past the use-by date.  Last week-end, after 4 hours of work by 19 local volunteer families, 2 dump-truck loads of new sand was installed. First the Highway Department removed the old sand, then the mulch was fluffed and trash picked up by the Pace, Edelson, Foley/Hedlund, Gaugler, Mooney/Caulfield, Straus, Pouthier, Hutchinson/Cohen, McCoy, Ambrose/Meeropol, Corio, Sullivan, Leva, Philippi, Kapoor, Buslovich, Schadt, O’Sullivan and Butler/Meisner families, in anticipation of the new delivery.       

Nate Lyons and "kings of the hill"

Nate Lyons of Harold Lyons and Sons provided the sand at cost and the delivery for free on a Sunday, with much gratitude following from all of the Friends of Tots Park, from pint-sized to fully grown.

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