Putnam County’s New Tourism Director

To The Editor

Before my retirement one year ago I had the pleasure of working along side Valerie Hickman for 11 years as the Assitant Director of Putnam Visitors Bureau. Never have I seen anyone as dedicated to her job as Ms. Hickman and I learned quite a lot from her. After reading all the press regarding the changes that have taken place at the Visitors Bureau these past few months I had to write to express my amazement at the statements being made by the new Toursim Director and others as reported in articles in your paper and other publicity pieces.

Putnam Visitors Bureau has always had a website where one could find info “just a click away”. We have published many brochures, calendars of events, pamphlets, rack cards, etc. touting the many attractions that Putnam has to offer. In fact, we received an award for excellence for our travel brochure at The Governor’s Tourism Conference during then Gov. Pataki’s administration. We have advertised in newspapers, magazines, radio and cable television. We have worked along with the Hudson Valley Tourism to promote the Putnam County and the region.

Since Putnam County had no hotel and limited B&Bs we had to be creative and, out of this need, several one day events were created to showcase Putnam County. From the hard work and determination of Ms. Hickman and other wonderful people began the Tour de Putnam, the Tri n’ Du Putnam Triathlon, and the Daniel Nimham Intertribal Pow wow.

To insinuate that until the new Tourism Director arrived nothing was being done to highlight Putnam County is an insult to everyone who worked so hard with limited resources and limited budget. To say that Putnam deserves the best is correct. Too bad they lost her.

Dee Kraft

former Assistant Director

Putnam Visitors Bureau

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