Unregistered Chimney Sweeps Soliciting Business

A joint release issued by the Putnam County Department of Consumer Affairs, the County Sheriff’s Office and County Executive’s office is alerting residents that consumer affairs has received reports that Empire Chimney Corporation, purported to be a Long Island-based chimney repair service, is soliciting work from county residents. Records indicate that this company is not authorized to conduct work in Putnam County since it is not registered to do so.

Further research shows that Empire Chimney Corporation uses other corporate names, among them All Care Chimney Corporation and World Class Chimney Corporation.

Residents are advised that extra vigilance should be given to those working on residential chimneys. The average person cannot discern whether chimney repairs are truly needed or whether the work is completed properly. Improper work can result in dangerous, even deadly, carbon-monoxide leaks and fires.

Residents are urged to contact the local consumer affairs office to ensure the prospective contractor is properly registered to do the work. The Putnam County Department of Consumer Affairs may be reached online or by calling 845- 808-1617, ext. 46128.

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