Garrison Students Focus on Helping Others

This November, the Garrison School PTA sponsored Giving with Thanks, an initiative developed to teach students about empathy and being responsive to the needs of others.

A Garrison School student brings food the school collected into the Philipstown Food Pantry in Cold Spring. Photo courtesy of GUFS

On Thursday, Nov. 8, the Garrison School started this program with A Gratitude Attitude, the K-3 Fall Concert. The next morning, Garrison School students, faculty, staff, parents and community members expressed their gratitude to local veterans in a special ceremony honoring their service and dedication to our nation.

During the week of Nov. 13-16, the Garrison School gathered much-needed goods for the Philipstown Food Pantry. On Thursday, Nov. 15, students from kindergarten through third grade made cookie dough for the local food pantry with parent volunteers Andrea Rouxel and Danielle Martinelli.

The week culminated with a special Giving with Thanks assembly for students and parents. At the event, members from the Philipstown Food Pantry spoke to students and played a short video about homeless children. After the assembly, student representatives from each grade took turns presenting the food donations they had collected. Over the weekend, Garrison School middle-school students delivered the donated food to the Philipstown Food Pantry.

“The Garrison School supports an environment where students are encouraged to think about others all year round,” said Principal Stephanie Impellittiere. “Students learned what it means to be supportive members of the community. It was moving to see how the children embraced the concept of giving thanks and acted upon it. I am very proud of all our students.”

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