Garden Club Brings Easter Baskets to VA Hospital

Highland Garden Club Treasurer Mary Joy of Cold Spring with Easter baskets (Photo courtesy of Highland Garden Club)

Highland Garden Club Treasurer Mary Joy of Cold Spring with Easter baskets (Photo courtesy of Highland Garden Club)

Plant sale planned for weekend before Mother’s Day

As part of its program of regular seasonal offerings to the residents at the Veterans Administration Hospital at Castle Point, the Highland Garden Club delivered Easter baskets filled with spring plants. To encourage the vets to begin their own projects, the group also provided baskets of seeds and seed-starting kits. In a few months, members will take vegetable and flower plants for the vets to grow in specially designed beds.

Headquartered in Cold Spring, the Highland Garden Club maintains the flowers around the memorial at Main and Chestnut Streets (Routes 301 and 9D), around the bandstand near the dock, and in the beds at the foot of Main Street. In addition to bringing holiday plants to the VA, the club also provides plants to Philipstown seniors at the Friendship Club. Members also produce Christmas wreaths as a fundraiser and will be holding an annual plant sale the weekend before Mother’s Day.

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