Gerardo Castro Exhibit Opens at Theo Ganz Studio

"Flowers For The Dead" by Gerardo Castro 

“Flowers For The Dead” by Gerardo Castro

Theo Ganz Studio celebrates the opening of Illuminated Shadows, recent paintings by Gerardo Castro. The exhibition, which opened July 13, runs through Aug. 4.

Castro received his MFA from Pratt Institute in 1996 and teaches in the fine arts department at New Jersey City University. He lives and paints in Newburgh and recently organized and curated an exhibition for the Illuminated Newburgh Festival.

Castro states “this Illuminated Shadows series has two main sources of inspiration: supernatural forces influenced by Afro-Cuban religions; primarily the Santeria religion and Palo Mayombe usually referred to simply as ‘Palo’.  …The Shadow plays a major factor, not only in the composition and structure of the painting but also symbolically. In it resides all of the essences, options and choices of our being…”

To read the full statement and bio of the artist, visit the gallery’s website at Theo Ganz Studio is located at 149 Main St., Beacon. For more information, call 917-318-2239.

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