Check Records for Required School Vaccinations

It’s getting close to back-to-school time. That means it’s time to start thinking … are my child’s shots up to date?

Parents are preparing young children for the start of school, students are leaving for college and flu season is approaching. The Putnam County Department of Health is reminding parents that all children must receive certain vaccinations before they begin or return to school or day care this fall, depending on their age and school year.

“Vaccinations are the safest and most effective way to prevent childhood disease,” said Commissioner of Health Allen Beals, M.D., J.D. Childhood vaccinations required for school entry protect against potentially life-threatening diseases including diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, hepatitis B, pertussis (whooping cough) and chicken pox. Teens and college-bound students have other health concerns, including meningitis and cervical cancer for which vaccines offer protection.

Children in day care, pre-K or kindergarten through grade 12 who do not meet the immunization requirements will not be permitted to attend school. The complete list of required immunizations is available on our website at or by calling the Putnam County Department of Health’s Immunization Program at 845-808-1332.

If you have not yet done so, check with your pediatrician about vaccines your child may need and make an appointment as soon as possible.  Children up to 19 years of age can receive the required vaccinations free of charge at the Health Department’s clinics if they meet eligibility requirements. Vaccinations are also available to others for a fee. Call 845-808-1332 for dates, times and location of clinics.

The mission of the Putnam County Department of Health is to improve and protect the health of our community. Core services include community health assessment, disease surveillance and control, environmental health protection, family health promotion and health education. For more information visit, or visit and Twitter @PutnamHealthNY.

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