Richard Bruce paintings on view in Beacon Room

For the 106th show at bau Gallery, artists Russ Ritell and Gamble Staempfli articulate subjects of personal interest through the language of representation. In Ritell’s Wild in the Streets, viewers will be introduced to the artists’ reflections, experiences and enduring faith in the punk culture movement of the 1980s in downtown New York City.

Gamble Staempfli's paintings and drawings, titled "Groupings" will be on view at bau Gallery.
Gamble Staempfli’s paintings and drawings, titled ”Groupings” will be on view at bau Gallery.

Staempfli’s paintings and drawings, titled Groupings, explore loosely defined concepts of  “massing and grouping” in composition, relating the formal & iconic to the narrative & sequential. Each artist brings a commitment to form and process that relates an otherwise broad thematic spectrum in this ambitious exhibition. The exhibition, in Gallery One, runs from Oct.12-Nov. 3, with an opening reception from 6 to 9 p.m. on Saturday Oct. 12.

On view in the Beacon Room are Sunyata paintings by Richard Bruce. Sunyata translates to emptiness, openness, spaciousness, thusness, a Buddhist concept which has multiple meanings. Bruce started a series of paintings in 2011 that he hoped would break him out of his comfort levels. He began to paint in a more immediate fashion; with the goal of making a statement and making it stick.

bau Gallery, beacon artist union, was founded in the fall of 2004 by six artists. Now in its ninth year, bau recently moved to a larger location to expand programming. bau is located at 506 Main St., Beacon. Visit

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