The Haldane School Foundation (HSF) announced that it will provide $39,587 in educational enrichment grants to the Haldane Central School District for this season’s grant cycle.

The Innovation Grants will help fund library upgrades, the foreign-language immersion program, Farm to School program, senior Habitat for Humanity trip to New Orleans, Smartboards, field trips to Frost Valley, South Salem Wolf Conservation Center, the Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and other educational enrichment initiatives.

Haldane High School Principal Brian Alm says, “The HSF continues to incentivize innovation in our school. Our teachers are rising to the challenge, with another batch of authentic experiences to supplement a rigorous, wide-ranging curriculum. We are grateful to the foundation for their hard work for our students.”

HSF grants are funded by donations from the community and through HSF fundraising events. Teachers, administrators and parents within the Haldane School System submit grant applications to the HSF for funding that falls outside of what is available under the regular school budget.

Since its inception in 2000 the HSF has raised more than $600,000.

“The Foundation is pleased to announce that we have now equipped every elementary classroom with Smartboard technology,” said Haldane School Foundation President Jennifer Marrinan. “Our thanks go to the individuals and businesses in the local community whose support made this possible.”

Local individuals and businesses will have the chance to continue their support of the Haldane School District at the HSF Trivia Night Jan. 24, HSF Ladies Poker Night March 8, and the Spring Fundraiser at Glynwood April 26.

Parents and other members of the community who would like to help the HSF in its mission can become a volunteer “Friend of the Foundation.” Contact Shannon Keegan at 917-449-4129.

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