Letter: Francisco Has Proven Himself Time and Again

I am writing to express my support for Matt Francisco and Donald MacDonald as village trustees.

I have known Donald for 15 years as a friend and neighbor and know him to be hardworking and tireless in his volunteer efforts for the village. When I first moved to Cold Spring, he was instrumental in designing and launching the Tots Park, which was a lifesaver with two small boys and a baby who needed space to play outdoors.  Thanks to Donald, this valuable resource was a short walk away. His 12 years of experience with the Village Zoning Board of Appeals gives him valuable experience and insight into the workings of the village.

Matt has proven himself time and again over the last two years that he has been a trustee. His work on cutting costs, while maintaining services for the village speaks for itself. His strong money management skills are invaluable to the residents of Cold Spring, especially in limiting tax increases to the lowest possible percentage and negotiating money-saving insurance premiums.

I feel that both Donald and Matt are very qualified to continue and to take on the roles of village trustee and I look forward to voting for them both.

Charlotte Palmer-Lane
Cold Spring


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