On March 31, approximately 150 members of the student body from Brewster, Carmel, Haldane, Mahopac, and Putnam Valley High Schools, will attend an event at Clearpool Education Center in Carmel. This will be an unmatched opportunity to participate in open discussions on issues that often concern youth. Facilitators with experience, knowledge and an ability to engage youth will lead discussions. Confidentiality and respect for the opinion of others is expected. To ensure a free exchange of dialogue, workshops are open to only the facilitator and students.

Building on the success of previous Putnam County Youth Forums, the student-driven Planning Committee has been meeting since early January to formulate plans for this years’ event. Students will contribute to decisions that will ultimately create the 20th Annual Youth Forum. They will help decide topics to offer, who will facilitate workshops, the time frame of each class, and what core information students want discussed.

Interested high school students should contact their school administrator to apply for permission to attend. Early sign-up is encouraged. Space is limited. Transportation provided by individual school districts. Contact Cornell Cooperative Extension: 845-278-6738 or cce.cornell.edu.

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