Entertaining Friends offers tips on throwing parties

Entertaining Friends: Easy Does It With 101 Rules of Thumb, co-authored by Marcelline Thomson, a resident of Philipstown, is a different take in books on entertaining, for more fun, less stress and bubblier parties. The new paperback has a cover price of $8.98 and is discounted on Amazon.com in time for holiday giving.

entertaining friendsThe book sings the praises of a party, whether brunch, lunch, cocktails, dinner or dessert and covers the rules — traditional and new for the way we live now — with descriptions of memorable occasions, cartoons and humorous quotes. It includes tips, shortcuts, inspirations, rules of thumb on quantities and recipes. It can be taken along as a handy reference when shopping.

Thomson has recently finished a novel, Dreaming of Oranges. Formerly a managing director of Ogilvy Adams & Rinehart, a New York corporate and financial public relations firm, she has ghostwritten a memoir, among other freelance projects.

Her co-author, Peggy Healy is executive vice president of Montgomery Communications in Manhattan and specializes in travel, particularly unique properties in Africa and Europe. Coauthor of the Salute to Italy Celebrity Cookbook, she has been a contributing editor of Dallas Home and Garden and is a former operating vice president of Bloomingdale’s.

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