Jordan Erickson, Fred Reich and Lee Erickson honored

Three Garrison volunteer firefighters were presented with Firefighter of the Year awards. Jordan Erickson, 17, was named Junior Firefighter of the Year for her outstanding service to the Garrison Volunteer Fire Company; she turns 18 in January and will become a firefighter.

Capt. Fred Reich and Lt. Lee Erickson were both named Firefighter of the Year because of their service to the fire company resulting from their firematic expertise and the frequency of their responses to calls; both were elected this year by the members of the fire company as fire officers.

Garrison Firefighters of the Year: Capt. Fred Reich, left, Jordan Erickson and Lt. Lee Erickson
Garrison Firefighters of the Year: Capt. Fred Reich, left, Jordan Erickson and Lt. Lee Erickson

Photo courtesy of Garrison Volunteer Fire Company

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