After observing Marie Early’s contributions to the Comprehensive Plan, then the LWRS, then the Zoning Board of Appeals as well as the Code Update Committee, one can only conclude there are a few in the village who can touch Marie Early’s dedication to preserving and enhancing our village life — that is why I will be voting for Marie for trustee and urge my fellow residents to do the same.

For those who remember the long genesis of the current “new” Haldane High School building, Dave Merandy’s involvement is instructive. As a member and then head of the school board, Mr. Merandy was instrumental to calibrating the district’s long list of building needs with the size of its residents’ pocket books. Dave did this without causing divisiveness and rancor within the community.

That was no small feat and, with the significant capital costs facing the village — firehouse, dam repair, wastewater infrastructure — Dave’s resume and skill set are exactly what the village needs in its mayor going forward. That is why I urge my fellow residents to vote for Dave Merandy for mayor.

Donald MacDonald
Village of Cold Spring

I believe Dave Merandy would be the best mayor we’ve had since Anthony Phillips. They have similar backgrounds in long-term residence, construction professions and longstanding dedication to public service in our community. I know he wants to be our mayor to make Cold Spring a better place to live, work and raise our families. He dedicated his time and efforts for 10 years on the Haldane School Board and has during that time and to this day gained the respect of his board peers and the general public. He wants the position of mayor not for the title, but for what he believes the village needs and deserves. I am sure he will approach his duties as our mayor in the same manner as he has in his past public service, with integrity and openness.

Marie Early I have known since my wife and I moved here 13 ½ years ago when she went out of her way to come to our home and introduce herself during one of her endless walks through the village. I have found her to be knowledgeable, informative (fairly giving the background on both sides of any village issue), and dedicated, having been on many volunteer and appointed assignments for the village’s and its residents’ benefit. Please vote for Dave and Marie on March 18; you’ll be happy you did when you see their dedication to our village.

David Marion
Village of Cold Spring

I was mayor of Cold Spring for 16 years. I have a better understanding than most people of what it takes to keep the village running. It’s not just sitting in board meetings and voting for this or that. On almost a daily basis you have to deal with construction issues. You have to be able to communicate with trades people and architects, read plans and more. I was continually drawing on my construction background to understand and manage projects when I was mayor.

Infrastructure and construction are the most important issues facing our village today — our dams, our firehouse, our sewer system to name a few. Who better to be our new mayor than Dave Merandy? He has extensive working knowledge of both construction and public service. He has what’s needed to run our village efficiently.

Dave was born and raised here. He’s a father who got involved with his kids’ afterschool activities, volunteering countless hours in our youth programs. He led the Haldane School Board and now serves on the Town Board. He has worked very hard to change things for the better in our community.

I grew up with Marie Early. She’s a lifelong friend. She is one of the sharpest people you’ll meet. We’re lucky Marie returned to Cold Spring in her retirement. Since her return Marie has volunteered for a number of boards in the village. She’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get the job done. I’m always impressed with her initiative-taking and professionalism.

You can’t find harder-working people than Dave and Marie. They come with lots of experience and knowledge of our small village.

It’s important that we get it right this time and elect folks who will represent us and work hard for everyone.

I’ll be voting for Dave and Marie, and I think you should too.

Anthony Phillips
Former Cold Spring Mayor

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