Ali T. Muhammad (photo provided)
Ali T. Muhammad (photo provided)

If elected, what is the single biggest issue that you will address in your home ward?

When re-elected, I intend to focus on specific traffic and safety issues facing Ward 4. After listening to many constituents’ ideas regarding this issue, I feel confident working with Beacon’s city administrator, the Safety and Traffic Committee, and any volunteers willing to commit to developing achievable solutions.

What is the single biggest issue that the City Council must address?

The single biggest issue facing Beacon’s City Council is bridging the divide within our community. The City Council must encourage the collaboration between longstanding and newer residents. More specifically, engaging longstanding members of the Beacon community in Main Street businesses whilst educating newer residents on the traditions of our historic community as they continue to revitalize our neighborhoods.

Tourists often come to Beacon to visit DIA and hike Mount Beacon but overlook the attractions and businesses on our Main Street. Our council needs to reconsider the use of Airbnb, develop a linkage zone committee, promote and advertise programs, forums, businesses, and organizations better.

What initiative are you most proud of from your previous term?

I’m most proud of what transpired after a candlelit vigil I organized in Beacon during the turbulent community/police relations our nation was facing last fall. Mayor Casale saw my initiative and took a proactive approach, setting a meeting with religious and community leaders.

That meeting resulted in a group called Beacon Speaks Out, which has not only improved our city’s community/police relations but also gave residents an opportunity to utilize their voices, allowing leaders and organizers to develop achievable solutions to such a sensitive issue.

What skills or experience qualifies you to serve as a council member?

I’ve been volunteering and active in the Beacon community since I was 14. I consider human service the most valuable thing I can do. I have the intangibles of a leader. My communication skills make me accountable and available but also allow me to capably represent constituents.

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