Letter: Have Albany Politics Come to Putnam?

I have read the articles in the Putnam County Courier, Journal News and The Paper concerning Libby Pataki’s tourist-gate mess. To varying degrees, the articles stumble journalistically, attempting to meld facts with the haze of obfuscation generated by individuals involved. Conclusions may be drawn, a host of questions abound.

There is a smell in Putnam County, having the distinct stench of Albany accompanying it. What both sides of the aisle routinely practice in Albany has arrived in Putnam. Either the county legislature is too busy playing politics or it is incompetent in its oversight.

Who with any sensibility creates a non-profit foundation without adhering to state law governing such creations? Did Putnam honchos give assurance that the trainwreck would never see newsprint? Who with any sensibility would issue themselves a $50,000 stipend, on top of their $70,000 taxpayer provided salary, to say nothing of having both salaries be “paid campaign leave” as Ms. Pataki followed her husband’s presidential campaign folly around the nation? Why does Putnam County have a penchant for political appointee incompetence, particularly in mostly do-nothing positions?

Politicians are not doing the people’s business. Rather, they practice the art of deception, dodge through legal loopholes and fail to govern as they were elected to do. And people wonder why everybody is fed up with both political parties. Can these folks maybe get Route 6 to Putnam Plaza (“Shop Putnam”) paved? How about that for starters? Might $125,000 be available?

Phil Bayer

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