Letter: Lynn Miller for Village Board

I have known and respected Lynn Miller since she was first appointed trustee by Seth Gallagher, and I’m delighted she’s running for the post again. Our village is so fortunate to have Lynn offering her time and talents in the service of us all.

Lynn and her husband Greg, with whom I’ve had the good fortune to work on many theater productions, are jewels in our community. Lynn started her own small business here, Go-Go Pops, and has run it successfully for years, evidence of her commitment to fiscal responsibility and a devotion to community, as well as boundless creativity.

The Go-Go Pops storefront window on Main Street is an ideal metaphor for its designer, Lynn: an always inventive piece that makes much out of little. In these belt-tightening times, we need board members who can make much out of little, and who have real-life experience balancing budgets and making ends meet.

Lynn and Greg have lived in Cold Spring for years, raising their son here. But Lynn originally hails from the south, and she’s retained her native predilection for charm and neighborliness. In my years’ worth of dealings with Lynn, I have always found her to prize the seeking of common ground, a welcome quality on any civic body.

Fiscal savvy, community-mindedness, creativity and a proven track record of working well with others all make Lynn Miller an ideal candidate for Cold Spring Village Trustee. She has my vote, and I urge you to give her yours.

John Plummer
Cold Spring

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