Letter: Thank You to Walkers

Sunday, Oct. 22, was a beautiful day and an even better one to support BreastCancer.org (5Q: Ashley Haines, Oct. 6). At the Cold Spring Breast Cancer Walk, we had more than 80 walkers and 30 volunteers on the Haldane track helping us raise nearly $9,000 — and we are still counting as the pledges continue to come in!

Ashley Haines with her mother, Lauren, whose battle with cancer inspired her daughter to organize the Walk for a Cure (Photo by Michael Haines)

Nearly 1,600 laps were walked, or about 320 miles, the equivalent of walking from Cold Spring to Wilmington, Delaware, and back. We had one centurion (100 laps) and at least three who reached the half-century (50 laps), along with walkers of all ages. We also know of five survivors who were walking, and there may have been more.

It was a great turnout overall. My parents and I, who helped me organize the walk, want to thank everyone. There are too many people to name everyone, but we had great participation from Haldane students led by teacher Kristen Peparo, who walked with her 3-year-old daughter.

Walkers at the event on Oct. 22 (Photo by Michael Haines)

We also had tremendous support from our sponsors. You know who you are, and thank you! You helped us get on our feet (pun intended). And of course, none of this could have been possible with the support of Haldane High School and particularly our athletic director, Chris Salumn, as well as its athletic trainer, Megan Crowe, who provided medical support. We also thank the Blue Devil Booster Club, which manned the concession stand.

Again, thank you to everyone who came out to support the fight against breast cancer. We will be back next year to raise more money than we did this year. If you still would like to help the fight, please contribute at csbcwalk.weebly.com or Breastcancer.org.

Ashley Haines, Cold Spring
Haines is a junior at Haldane.

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