Hiding in Plain Sight: Name That Loo

By Michael Turton

It has many names: loo, lavatory, toilet, outhouse, restroom, powder room, water closet, bathroom, head, privy, washroom, john. And just as plentiful are the words and symbols used to indicate his, hers or both: men-women, ladies-gentlemen, cowboys-cowgirls, guys-gals, boys-girls, gender neutral, family, unisex.

Whatever its name and in whichever direction a person is sent, the door can be a most welcome destination — and not something you pause to consider when only steps away from relief. So, how many of these Philipstown and Beacon restroom doors do you recognize? The answers are below.


1. Trax, Beacon; 2. Hudson Hil’s, Cold Spring; 3. Le Bouchon, Cold Spring; 4. Stock Up, Beacon; 5. Hudson House, Cold Spring; 6. Max’s on Main, Beacon

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