Academic Excellence (95+)
Sixth grade: James D’Abruzzo; Seventh grade: Caitlin Liu, Timothy Liu, Lorelei McCarthy, Fionnoula O’Reilly, Grace Vogel; Eighth grade: Charlotte Dinitz.

High Honors (92.5-94.99)
Sixth grade: Jack Hartman, John Mangan, Michael Murray, Lena Singer-Delius; Seventh grade: Maya Gelber, David Tacuri, Henry Timmer, Sofia Wallis; Eighth grade: Tim Ben Adi, Evelyn Higbee, April Ransom, Sidonie Weed.

Honors (84.5-92.49)
Seventh grade: Jordan Albertson, Matteo Cervone, Nathaniel McPherson, Caroline Nelson, Chloe Rowe, Aidan Sabatini, Gianna Thompson, Phelan Waldron; Eighth grade: Madelyn Bartholomew, Jayda Kirkwood, Evan Maasik, Chase Mayer, Zach McCarthy, Sariya Samson, Ella Schweizer, Lina Sharifi, Eva Turko.

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