On the Spot

What was your most memorable early job?

“When I was 12, my after-school job was to sweep up at Cake Masters, a bakery on the Upper West Side. One day I put a bottle of Coca Cola in the refrigerated cake carousel. I forgot about it and it exploded and destroyed all the cakes.” ~ Leo Sacks, Cold Spring

“I worked for Ava Gabor, who had a wig business in the city. She was fabulous. I entered orders into a computer that was about the size of a small car.” ~ Linda Di Brita, Beacon

“When I was 7 or 8 I used to stand outside Bohack’s supermarket on Seventh Avenue in Park Slope and carry people’s packages home. They were mostly older people. One day I made $8.74 in tips. My father was very proud.” ~ Steve Earl Warren, Cold Spring

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