Each year since I retired as the school nurse at Haldane, I’ve been asked to substitute as the nurse for the summer camp run by the Philipstown Recreation Department.

Camp has been over for several months, but I feel as if this letter needs to be written. Every summer I’ve been impressed with the activities offered to the campers. These children have fun! This is truly a gem of a camp. The building and grounds are wonderful and the counselors, most of whom are former campers themselves, are some of the best role models I’ve ever seen. On the rare occasions when I’ve had to send a youngster home because of illness, the camper is invariably upset to have to leave for the day!

In addition, the activities offered to seniors are amazing. I am able to take free exercise classes every day of the week. There are five or six trips each year, including to Broadway shows, river cruises and even to see Elvis impersonators! I have met so many wonderful Philipstown residents. In fact, on opening day of registration we seniors start calling at 8:30 a.m. because we don’t want to end up on a waiting list.

This letter doesn’t even touch on the amazing Philipstown Depot Theatre or the other activities offered to residents, from tots to seniors. It’s great to see that the taxes we pay are put to such good use. Praise is warranted to the Town Board, the Recreation Commission and most particularly, Amber Stickle and her staff at the Recreation Department. I am an appreciative resident.

Candy Zgolinski, Philipstown

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