Green Results in Beacon

Party-endorsed candidate knocked off ballot

In the primary election for Beacon mayor held June 25, Lee Kyriacou, the Beacon City Council member who is the Democratic candidate, also won the Green Party ballot line on the November ballot with nine write-in votes. The party-endorsed candidate, Terry Hockler, whose name appeared on the primary ballot, received only seven votes despite a campaign by Green Party officials to prevent the Democrats from “stealing” their line.

Terry Hockler was the candidate endorsed by the Green Party for mayor. (Campaign photo)

There were no Green Party candidates in Beacon’s wards, but voters registered with the party could write in candidates to appear on the party’s line in November. In Ward 1 there were eight write-in votes for Terry Nelson, who is also the Democratic incumbent; in Ward 2 there were three votes for Air Rhodes, who is also the Democratic candidate; and in Ward 4 there were two votes for Dan Aymar-Blair, who is also the Democratic candidate. There was one write-in vote cast in Ward 3 but the ballot was ruled ineligible.

In county Legislative District 18, which includes part of Beacon, there were 10 write-in votes for incumbent Nick Page for the Green Party line. He also will appear on the Democratic line.

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