Cross-County State Championships

The state championships took place on Nov. 16 at Plattsburgh State College. All times are for a 4,500-meter course.

Class B Finals

1. Sam Lawler, Pittsford-Mendon, 14:26.1
56. Zachary Cader, Beacon, 15:57.4

Class C Finals

1. Caleb Bender, Skaneateles, 14:41.6
91. Isaac Walker, O’Neill (Garrison), 16:53.2
101. Adam Sharifi, O’Neill (Garrison), 17:13.8

Class D Finals (boys)

1. Kal Lewis, Shelter Island, 14:28.1


48. Walter Hoess, 17:02.4
50. Everett Campanile, 17:04.5
77. Quinn Petkus, 17:54.7
90. Luke Parella, 18:23.5
99. John Kisslinger, 18:38.7
101. Conrad White, 18:50.2
107. Noah Bingham, 19:24.4

Team finish: 9 of 11

Class D Finals (girls)

1. Brooke Rauber, Tully, 16:01.2


27. Shannon Ferri, 19:12.6
49. Eloise Pearsol, 20:23.5
86. Allison Nicholls, 23:39.4
88. Helen Nicholls, 23:40.9
105. Eden Feinstein, 26:51.6
108. Hannah Benson, 31:14.5

Team finish: 6 of 9

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