Loretto Knights Results (Weeks 1, 2)

Photo by Dan Dillon

3rd Grade Boys
Lost to Bedford Road School (Bedford), 14-5
Will Valentine (2), Teo Bon Tempo (2)
Lost to Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Ardsley), 31-1

4th Grade Girls
Defeated Saint John Bosco (Port Chester), 29-10
Drew Kelly (11)

Lost to Saint John and Mary (Katonah), 17-11
Drew Kelly (7)

4th Grade Boys
Lost to Reformed Church (Bronxville), 28-7
Gavin Drury (4)
Lost to Saint Anthony (Yonkers), 13-8
Sam Poses (4)

5th Grade Girls
Defeated the Chapel School (Bronxville), 14-8
Madeline August (6)

Lost to Saint John the Baptist (Yonkers), 21-13
Taya Robinson (4)

5th Grade Boys Blue
Lost to Saint Joseph (Bronxville), 17-12

5th Grade Boys White
Lost to Chapel School (Bronxville), 29-19

6th Grade Girls
Defeated Saint Columbanus (Cortlandt), 19-14
Dylan Ambrose (10)

6th Grade Boys
Lost to Ann Seton (Shrub Oak), 43-44 (OT)
Ty Villela (13), Luke Bozsik (13)

Defeated Saint Mary (Katonah), 28-22
Luke Bozsik (11)

8th Grade Girls
Defeated St. Mary’s (Katonah), 49-25
Camilla McDaniel (27)

8th Grade Boys
Defeated Holy Name (Valhalla), 35-31 (OT)
Evan Giachinta (16), Milo Shuk (10)

Defeated Holy Innocent (Pleasantville), 39-32
Milo Shuk (15), Evan Giachinta (14)

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