Local School Budgets Pass

Howland library spending also approved

The budgets for the Haldane, Garrison and Beacon school districts each passed on Tuesday (June 16), the final day that ballots could be received.

The votes were held by absentee ballot under an order by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to slow the spread of COVID-19.


The proposed $25.3 million budget passed, 1,127 to 502. A proposition to spend $175,000 on a school bus and utility equipment also passed, 1,072 to 552. Incumbent board member Peggy Clements, who ran unopposed, was reelected to a three-year term on the five-member board with 1,308 votes.

The district mailed 4,600 ballots and had 35 percent returned, nearly triple the turn-out of a year ago. The budget passed in 2019 with 81 percent of the vote and in 2020 with 70 percent.


The proposed $11.5 million budget passed, 346 to 165, and incumbent trustees Jocelyn Apicello (396), Matthew Speiser (395) and Courtney McCarthy (392), who ran unopposed, were each elected to three-year terms on the seven-member board.

About a quarter of the district’s 2,100 registered voters participated, an increase of 20 percent over 2019. The budget passed last year with 77 percent of the vote and in 2020 with 68 percent.


The proposed $76 million budget passed, 2,573 to 623. Anthony White (2,515), Kristan Flynn (2,515) and Craig Wolf (2,425), incumbents who each ran unopposed, were re-elected to the nine-member board.

The district had a 21 percent turnout among its 15,300 registered voters, nearly triple the participation in 2019. The budget passed both years with 80 percent of the vote.

The Howland Public Library’s proposed $1.24 million budget passed, 2,590 to 594. It represents a 5.5 percent increase in the tax levy after the library board voted in January to ask voters for more than the state-mandated 2 percent tax cap. Incumbents Karen Twohig, Thomas Rigney and Darlene Resling, and newcomers Sean Twohig and Jessica Conway, each running unopposed, were elected to fill five open board seats.

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