Letter: 2020 Beacon Grads

What a school year this has been! As parents, we anticipate certain rites of passage for our children, one of which is their high school senior year. We envision them dressing for prom, loading buses for senior trips and approaching a stage to receive recognition for academic and athletic achievements. The big finale is their graduation day (Congratulations to the Class of 2020, June 26).

This year things were different, but our seniors were celebrated in new and creative ways. With much fanfare, Beacon High School teachers and administrators visited each senior’s home to deliver a cap and gown. The Athletic Department orchestrated a tribute to senior athletes. Each senior had the chance to walk across the stage as their name was called and their families cheered. They received scholarships with a virtual presentation and picked up their yearbooks and diplomas. The icing on the cake was the chance for seniors to see themselves on the big screen at the Hyde Park Drive-In Theatre.

They say it takes a village — and the Parent-Teacher-Student Organization can attest to that. Thank you to the entire Beacon City School District administration, faculty and staff for their efforts to work around the regulations and closures to provide opportunities for our kids to celebrate their graduation.

Thanks also to Key Food, Ron’s Ice Cream, Libby funeral home, Melzingah Tap House, Antalek and Moore, Riverview funeral home, Slaterpalooza, Chris Bopp, Stintson’s Hub and Dawn Sela Photography, as well as Rob Lanier, Suzi Higgins and Tim and Susan Pagones, for providing a personalized lawn sign for each graduate.

Thank you to community members for buying and displaying yard signs. In addition to raising spirits, the money raised was used to provide face coverings that read “BHS 2020” and a graduation movie-night goodie bag filled with snacks for each family.

Over their four years in high school, members of the senior class worked hard to raise funds to help pay for the events, as well. This money was used to rent the movie theater and for a group photo.

Although the seniors lost out on many traditional pieces of their final year, many traditions were created, allowing them to be loved and celebrated in new ways.

Christine Galbo, Beacon

This letter was also signed by other members of the Senior Parent Committee of the Beacon High School PTSO.

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