Quick Fixes

Beacon committee proposes low-cost upgrades

The Main Street Access Committee, a volunteer group in Beacon created by Mayor Lee Kyriacou to address parking, traffic, transit and pedestrian challenges, submitted a list to the City Council this week of low-cost “quick fixes” ahead of a comprehensive report. Some of the recommendations, such as those for new stop signs, must be forwarded to the city’s Traffic Safety Committee before they can be considered.

  • Repaint faded and missing crosswalk lines at all intersections in light of higher pedestrian traffic during the pandemic;
  • Place stop signs at all intersections within two blocks of Main Street and where side streets feed into Main Street to slow traffic;
  • Install double-sided signs at the Main Street and Tioronda Avenue crosswalk near the Howland Center, as well as at Main and East Main streets, and Main and Willow streets;
  • Repaint parking spaces in the Van Nydeck Avenue lot and in the municipal lot across from the Dutchess DMV; 
  • Create informational signage for all municipal parking lots;
  • Stripe angled parking spaces on Henry and DeWindt streets where it is possible to accommodate two driving lanes, with diagonal parking on one side and parallel parking on the other; 
  • Stripe parking spaces on the first two blocks of side streets that feed into Main Street, if they are wide enough; 
  • Move the center line on Fishkill Avenue where it approaches Main Street to create parking spaces on the east side of the street;
  • Install electronic signs near the “Welcome to Beacon” signs on Routes 52 and 9D reminding people to drive carefully because the city is bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly.
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