Where do you stand on these issues?

Earlier this year, Sandy Galef, whose state Assembly district includes Philipstown and Kent in Putnam County and Peekskill, Cortlandt, Briarcliff Manor, Croton and Ossining in Westchester County, sent her constituents a survey. More than 800 people responded. The results are below.

With a recent outbreak of vaping-related illnesses, New York State is considering several policy options. Which of the following are you most in favor of?
Ban all e-cigarette/Juul sales: 64%
Ban sale of non-menthol flavored e-cigarette fluids: 20%
No legislative action: 16%

Should New York legalize online/mobile sports betting?
Yes 29%
No 71%

In 2005 state voters passed a $2.9 billion transportation bond to fix roads. Would you support another transportation bond to repair roads?
Yes 78%
No 18%

All vehicle passengers in the front and children in the back must wear seat belts. Do you support requiring all passengers to wear them?*
Yes 78%
No 22%

* Gov. Andrew Cuomo enacted a law on Aug. 11 that mandates this, effective Nov. 1.

Under daylight saving time, clocks are set forward by one hour in March and then returned to “standard time” in November. To avoid this change, New York State could adopt daylight saving time (the summer clock) year-round with federal approval or it could adopt standard time (the winter clock) year-round on its own. Which of the following would you support?
Standard time: 25%
Daylight saving time: 47%
No change: 25%
No response: 3%

Due to security concerns, should a school be allowed to opt out of serving as a voting site?
Yes 56%
No 44%

Considering the potential for long-term harm from repeated blunt head trauma, should children 12 and younger be allowed to participate in tackle football? Flag football would be permitted.
Yes 26%
No 74%

Should villages, towns and cities be allowed to lower the speed limit from 30 mph to 25 mph?
Yes 66%
No 34%

Massachusetts established a system by which residents can become ordained by the state for a single day in order to perform a marriage. Would you support the creation of a single-day ordination in New York?
Yes 34%
No 66%

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