Cold Spring Chamber Presents 2020 Awards

Recognizes local businesses for achievements

The Cold Spring Chamber of Commerce presented its annual business awards at a breakfast meeting on Tuesday (Oct. 27) held via Zoom.

The James G. Lovell Stewardship Award, designed to honor a community member who “works on many fronts to keep the community of Philipstown strong, healthy, connected and positive” was presented to Jen McCreery and Gillian Thorpe, directors of the Desmond-Fish Public Library in Garrison and the Julia L. Butterfield Library in Cold Spring, respectively.

The Cobblestone Award, given to “a business or organization that helps support progressive evolution and secure structures in our community whether through building social, historic, sustainable, ecological, or physical structures to support society” was presented to Michelle Smith of the Hudson Highlands Land Trust.

The Sets a High Bar Award, given to “businesses that set a high bar on service and care, providing excellent daily services and the best quality to the community,” was given to Robert Giordano of Thrift King Auto Services.

The Kitchen Table Award, which recognizes innovative start-ups or home-based businesses that started with meetings around a kitchen table, was presented to Pam Gunther of Fit & Fun Playscapes.

The Parnassus Award, designed for “a business that offers exceptional programming and community enrichment through the arts” was given to Grace Lo of Supplies for Creative Living.

The Foundation Stone Award, given to businesses or organizations that have served Philipstown for more than 25 years, was presented to Dominic and Joanne Giordano of Vera’s Marketplace and Garden Store.

The Keystone Award, for “the business who holds open the door for economic growth in the area through hospitality and tourism,” was given to John Scherer and his family of Hops on the Hudson.

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