Three new trustees elected to board

Voters approved the 2022-23 budget of the Howland Public Library District on Thursday (April 28) by a wide margin and elected three members to its board.

The proposed budget passed 227-31. It includes $1.34 million in spending, which represents an increase of 5 percent, or $61,069, which was more than the state-mandated tax cap for the library in 2022-23 of 1 percent, or $22,107.

About $1.06 million would be spent on salaries; $107,000 on materials and programs; $79,000 on building maintenance and utilities; and $97,000 on administration.

There were nine candidates for three open seats on the nine-member board: Karen Twohig did not run for re-election and two were vacant.

Brooke Simmons received the most votes and will succeed Twohig and serve a 5-year term; Marguerite (Greta) Byrum had the second highest total and will serve the four years remaining on one of the vacant seats; and Jeffrey Young (Yang) was third and will serve the final three years of the other vacant seat.

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