Voter Sample

On May 19, Sandy Galef, whose district in the state Assembly includes Philipstown, released the outcome of a survey she sent to constituents. Nearly 850 people responded and, although the results are not scientific, they are interesting.


Support assigning a full-time inspector from the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission to be on-site during the decommissioning of Indian Point. (Galef notes that the NRC declined but that the state Public Service Commission is providing an inspector.)


Support the installation of solar panels on all public buildings, including schools.


Support merging town and village courts to save money.


Support adding COVID-19 to the list of vaccines required for schoolchildren.


Support comprehensive sex education for grades K-12.


Support a ban on new natural gas infrastructure.


Support the proposed New York Health Act (“a single-payer health care like Medicare, but for all ages,” funded by income taxes and other revenue).


Support solar over keeping trees if it means less carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming.

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