Leibell Pleads Guilty This Morning, Dec. 6

Vincent Leibell

According to The Journal News website, LoHud.com, former State Senator Vincent Leibell pled guilty in federal court on Monday (Dec. 6) to evading taxes and obstructing justice and acknowledged trying to influence a grand jury probing possible corruption in Putnam County. He faces sentencing next March and could get a sentence of 18 months to two years, LoHud reported.

2 thoughts on “Leibell Pleads Guilty This Morning, Dec. 6

  1. Voters of Putnam County please note: Vincent Leibell’s decision not to take up the office of County Executive to which he was elected in November was announced not by him, but by Vinnie Tamagna, Putnam County legislator. Leibell has yet to address so much as one word to the voters of this county. He has said nothing like “I am sorry for what I did, I am sorry for deceiving you, I am sorry for fooling you into voting for me.”

    And his cronies in county politics should be ashamed as well for not coming out publicly to say how embarrassed they are by the fact the their colleague Leibell has said nothing to the residents of this county.

    This likely leaves us with another year of Robert Bondi who, among other things, has proven that he doesn’t give a damn about western Putnam County.

    Time for Philipstown to give serious thought to seceding from Putnam County and striking out on its own. If nothing else, we will keep corruption closer to home.

  2. The LoHud story contends that Leibell apologized. He did no such thing, if the quotes in the LoHud story are complete. All Leibell said was “I deeply regret these actions.” That’s not apology. If anything it’s a simple statement of fact. He regrets these actions not because he’s sorry, but because he got caught.

    Leibell has yet to address one word to the people of Putnam County.